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Manomav Engineers Private Limited (MEPL) founded in 2012 by IIT Delhi graduates with vision of providing world class Consultancy and Project Management Services to top construction companies in India and International market.Consultancy services includeQuantity Survey, Bar Bending schedule, BIM Shop drawings.
With specialized experience in the Construction Industry for many years, We, at MEPL, have carved a niche for ourselves in the construction project management services. PMP is base for such services.Our company’s ideological foundations in respect of commitment to time bound completion of projects and high quality services have been the corner stones to our rapid growth over the years.


“We believe that our life on earth is all about improvising Individual, Industry & Infrastructure in honest manner. We born to innovate and implement latest technologies in Infrastructure sector. We grow to establish our brand value from our retail industry. We gain strength to train individuals on vocational grounds”

Mission & Values

Setting Best Practices

Manomav aims at setting new standards of work in construction industry by adopting best practices for doing jobs. Manomav do not believe in compromising at any level of work and adopt best practices. At each level of job we aim at setting a new standard for getting it done. This approach will no doubt set new standards of practices in construction industry. 

Resource utilisation

Manomav see whole world as its home and thus its resources as sacred. Manomav believes in utilizing resources to fullest, least wastage and recycling. At work place also Manomav promote resource utilisation to its best and using resources in all possible ways to get maximum out of it. This not only benefits client but also make positive contribution  to our enivornment.

Result Orientation

Manomav is a result oriented company. Manomav believes in delivering above expected results. Our actions and moves are directed towards the aimed objectives. Each plan and action is meticulously planned directed towards achievement of predetermined results. This approach helps in saving time, resources and money making projects feasible in all respect.

High quality services

Providing world class services to our clients is our mission.We aim to meet the global standards in providing services.Our motto is client satisfaction and all our efforts are in direction towards achieving the  objective of the company.

Membership & Policies

Company wide Integrity Policy
Integrity Policy becomes part of display on 28th July 2017
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Our Advantages

  • Latest Technologies and equipment

    Manomav uses latest technologies and equipment in executing its projects. With the help of modern technology it gives exceptional results. It adopts modern and latest methodologies in completing each job of project promoting a new way of working.

  • Planning and Implementation

    Manomav pays special attention to the planning and implementation function. Implementation of job should be according to the plan. Diversion in planning and implementation can result in unexpected loss of time and money leading to unplanned delays. Manomav consider these functions very important and gives special attention for completing the project.

  • Time management

    Manomav understands the value of our client's time. Here at Manomav we give special attention to time management and promise to deliver the results within predetermined time frame. Our proactive approach towards time management helps our client in carrying out their operation in pre-planned fashion avoiding unplanned monetary and time loss.

Key Management

Manomav key management team consists highly qualified personals. Each team member is qualified from premium and  prestigious institutes of technologies. The educational background of team gives an edge in executing the projects.

Key management includes highly experienced team members. Their experience in respective and relevant areas make them most appropriate for executing jobs in construction industry.